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kontakt@artwashing-leipzig dot de

Art­wa­shing Leip­zig, c/o F. Hun­ger, Ate­lier­haus Früh­auf, Wind­müh­len­stra­ße 31b, 04107 Leip­zig


If you visit our log­in page, we will set a tem­po­ra­ry coo­kie to deter­mi­ne if your brow­ser accepts coo­kies. This coo­kie con­ta­ins no per­so­nal data and is dis­card­ed when you clo­se your brow­ser.

The form plug­in to pro­cess your signa­tu­re may set a local coo­kie.

Who we share your data with

We share your data with nobo­dy.

Signa­tures get published and can be retrac­ted by cont­ac­ting kon­takt at domain name. We’ll use your name and email sole­ly for publi­shing it under the open let­ter. By pro­vi­ding your email vol­un­t­a­ri­ly, you opt in to recei­ve one or two cam­paign updates. We will not use your e‑mail to cont­act you bey­ond this cam­paign. After one year all data will be dele­ted.

How long we retain your data

If you lea­ve a signa­tu­re, the signa­tu­re and its meta­da­ta are retai­ned until May 1, 2024. We’ll dele­te this inter­nal data on this date. You publicly visi­ble signa­tu­re which appears under the open let­ter beco­mes part of the open let­ter and may be visi­ble inde­fi­nit­ly

Where your data is sent

Visi­tor comm­ents and signa­tures may be che­cked through an auto­ma­ted spam detec­tion ser­vice.