Why is Palantir sponsoring the Dimensions art exhibition in Leipzig?

More than 900 signa­tures

Palan­tir is a US-based data ana­ly­tics com­pa­ny who­se busi­ness model seems to be the pushing and excee­ding of any ethi­cal and legal boun­da­ries that stand in the way of a ful­ly “trans­pa­rent huma­ni­ty”. Some ques­ti­ons come to mind. What was the reaso­ning behind Palan­tir’s decis­i­on to spon­sor the Dimen­si­ons exhi­bi­ti­on in Leip­zig? What exact­ly were the role of art impre­sa­rio Wal­ter Smer­ling and the asso­cia­ti­on Foun­da­ti­on for Art and Cul­tu­re e.V. (Bonn) which he heads, after his efforts were stif­led in Ber­lin? What role do art, cura­tors and artists play in such an exhi­bi­ti­on?

Who is Palantir?

Palan­tir is a com­pa­ny who­se main busi­ness is the sur­veil­lan­ce of indi­vi­du­als, and who­se spe­cia­liza­ti­on lies in the mer­ging of what should be sepa­ra­te data sets. Palan­tir’s pro­ducts recent­ly expe­ri­en­ced set­backs in the Ger­man courts. The soft­ware Hes­sen­Da­ta has come under cri­ti­cism for its mul­ti­ple poli­ce data­ba­se poo­ling that also has peo­p­le indi­rect­ly lin­ked to a case – say, mem­bers of a sports club – auto­ma­ti­cal­ly che­cked. In Bava­ria, too, the Palan­tir Got­ham soft­ware used as a “cross-pro­ce­du­ral search and ana­ly­sis plat­form (Vera)” rai­ses eye­brows.

Alt­hough clas­si­fied as tech­ni­cal­ly matu­re by the Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tu­te, con­sti­tu­tio­nal con­cerns remain. As for Palan­tir’s Big Data, Arti­fi­ci­al Intel­li­gence, and Machi­ne Lear­ning algo­rith­ms, the­re still remains a par­ti­al or com­ple­te lack of suf­fi­ci­ent legal regu­la­ti­ons for their use. All in all, Tho­mas Petri, the Bava­ri­an Sta­te Data Pro­tec­tion Com­mis­sio­ner con­siders the man­ner in which Palan­tir’s data is mer­ged “high­ly pro­ble­ma­tic”.

Palan­tir has been cri­ti­ci­zed in the past for its exten­si­ve coope­ra­ti­on with the Trump admi­nis­tra­ti­on, which, among other things, desi­gned and used the soft­ware to track underage migrants and their par­ents in the United Sta­tes. The busi­ness model con­sis­ted in part not only of a crossing of ethi­cal boun­da­ries but also of the use of soft­ware under deve­lo­p­ment, finan­ced by govern­ment funds. It is the­r­e­fo­re clear to see why the Ger­man mar­ket exci­tes Palan­tir, name­ly as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to grab govern­ment fun­ding.

Palan­tir’s com­pa­ny foun­der, Peter Thiel, has made a name for hims­elf as a right-wing con­ser­va­ti­ve bil­lionaire who sup­ports like-min­ded can­di­da­tes in U.S. elec­tion cam­paigns. Among many other things, Thiel is a pro­mo­ter of the high­ly pro­ble­ma­tic ideo­lo­gy of ‘long­ter­mism’, a view that posi­ti­ons tech­no­lo­gy as value-neu­tral, ther­eby deny­ing any human respon­si­bi­li­ty for the social impacts of this tech­no­lo­gy. This approach is well reflec­ted in Thiels’ Palan­tir ope­ra­ti­on, and also in its choice to spon­sor the Dimen­si­ons exhi­bi­ti­on – more on this below.

This marks Leip­zig as a bit of an odd choice. After all, the Sta­si head­quar­ters were stor­med in Leip­zig in 1989, and more recent­ly, the initia­ti­ve ‘Leip­zig Came­ra’, for one, ope­ra­ting in the city for many years, tar­ge­ting the sabo­ta­ge of sur­veil­lan­ce came­ras in public spaces. It would­n’t be a stretch to say that the oppo­si­ti­on to sur­veil­lan­ce, snoo­ping and data aggre­ga­ti­on is one of the main city­’s lega­ci­es. 

Palantir in Leipzig? Walter Smerling enters the stage.

“Leip­zig is a very dyna­mic city, the­re is a lot of curio­si­ty here. We are cer­tain that the the­me will be well recei­ved,” says art impre­sa­rio Wal­ter Smer­ling. We can’t help but recall that Smer­ling was also the name behind the pro­ble­ma­tic group exhi­bi­ti­on Diver­si­ty United, who­se patron, among others, was Vla­di­mir Putin.

To deflect any cri­ti­cism, unli­ke with ‘Diver­si­ty United’ Smer­ling cho­se to renoun­ce sta­te fun­ding for the Leip­zig show Dimen­si­ons. Ins­tead, he secu­red Palan­tir and Deut­sche Tele­kom, which has repor­ted­ly shown inte­rest in coope­ra­ting with Palan­tir as spon­sors. After visi­ting the exhi­bi­ti­on, for the com­ple­te set up of a show con­cep­tua­li­zed and impor­ted from out of town, we esti­ma­te its bud­get at around 300,000 and 500,000 EUR. This kind of bud­get was sure to enti­ce the Pitt­ler-Werk show space. Leip­zi­g’s cul­tu­ral insti­tu­tes and initia­ti­ves are known to be chro­ni­cal­ly strap­ped for cash. By com­pa­ri­son, in 2021 the city of Leip­zig fun­ded 37 inde­pen­dent art pro­jects (i.e., pro­jects not tied to insti­tu­ti­ons) with a total of 185,576 EUR. In other words, that was the total sum of funds allo­ca­ted by the city for inde­pen­dent visu­al arts pro­jects.

Mean­while, the Ber­li­ner ice was get­ting thin for Smer­ling. In addi­ti­on to the flack he took for the exhi­bi­ti­on ‘Diver­si­ty United’, his attempt­ed deal on the art cen­ter Kunst­hal­le Ber­lin had to be rever­sed after Ber­lin artists* cal­led for a boy­cott of the pro­ject and the city of Ber­lin re-ques­tio­ned their gene­rous spon­so­ring. The reasons were the “Sys­tem Smer­ling” (FAZ) with repea­ted­ly une­thi­cal choice of spon­sors within a clo­se net­work bet­ween busi­ness, poli­tics and art, as well as the appro­pria­ti­on and pri­va­tiza­ti­on of public space up to self-empowe­ring for­eign cul­tu­ral poli­cy, e.g. in Chi­na or Rus­sia. No lon­ger able to get his foot in Ber­lin’s door, Smer­ling now seems to be squeezing in via Leip­zig. The means remain simi­lar: art that pre­tends to par­ti­ci­pa­te in dis­cour­se and com­pa­nies as spon­sors that eva­de public scru­ti­ny.

If, like Palan­tir, your hands appear dir­ty or at least your image seems tar­nis­hed, one rede­eming way to attract public atten­ti­on would be to spon­sor an art exhi­bi­ti­on. The prin­ci­ple, epi­to­mi­zed by the gas com­pa­ny Gaz­prom or the phar­maceu­ti­cal com­pa­ny Sack­ler, is also known as ‘Art Washing’.

On the role of art

The title “Dimen­si­ons — Digi­tal Art sin­ce 1859”, sug­gests an attempt to wri­te an art histo­ry, if not one of digi­ta­li­ty. What kind of nar­ra­ti­ve is sup­po­sed to unfold exact­ly, in the inter­play of digi­tal art within the halls of what was once Euro­pe’s lar­gest fac­to­ry for machi­ne manu­fac­tu­ring for gun bar­rels and muni­ti­ons pro­duc­tion?

Good ques­ti­on. The con­nec­tion bet­ween mili­ta­ry tech­no­lo­gy and con­tem­po­ra­ry digi­tal art has been evi­dent at least sin­ce the days of Paul Viri­lio and Harun Faro­cki, but it will not be com­men­ted on here. Whe­re­as the show­’s cura­tor, Dr. Dan Xu, cham­pi­ons crea­ti­vi­ty and con­tex­tu­al com­pe­tence, any attempts to find com­men­ta­ry on working con­di­ti­ons, sur­veil­lan­ce mecha­nisms or dis­cri­mi­na­to­ry appli­ca­ti­ons of tech­no­lo­gy in the con­text of digi­ta­li­ty in ‘Dimen­si­ons’ are prac­ti­cal­ly in vain.

A lar­ge part of the work igno­res the social con­di­ti­ons of digi­ta­li­ty whe­re­as any data visua­liza­ti­ons and instal­la­ti­ons are meant to pass as bold state­ments for their sheer monu­men­ta­li­ty. If a his­to­rio­gra­phy of the digi­tal is inde­ed sup­po­sed to take place here, then it cle­ar­ly negle­cts the here and now. But regard­less of any epoch, Dimen­si­ons’ noti­on of ‘the digi­tal’ is a cipher for tech­no­lo­gy bey­ond any social cau­se and effect.

The­re is no men­ti­on of the ato­mi­zing of labor to opti­mi­sa­ti­on employee-per­for­mance, as done by Ama­zon’s ful­fill­ment cen­ters, algo­rithm-run ser­vice pro­vi­ders like Uber, or any con­tem­po­ra­ry deli­very ser­vice for that mat­ter.

The­re is no talk of stock mar­ket spe­cu­la­ti­on on a micro­sco­pic sca­le by means of com­pu­ta­ti­on bey­ond any demo­cra­tic con­trol.

The­re is no men­ti­on of the tedious labor of labe­l­ing hundreds of images every day by click­wor­kers who are them­sel­ves ren­de­red into a cheap form of data for the AI to crunch, nor is men­ti­on of under­paid social media con­tent mode­ra­tors who fil­ter out the worst por­no­gra­phy and vio­lence at the expen­se of their own men­tal health.

Alt­hough the­se effects of the digi­tal have been addres­sed by num­e­rous artists, they are con­spi­cuous­ly absent in Dimen­si­ons. At most, the­re may have been a ten­ta­ti­ve coded refe­rence to cen­sor­ship in tota­li­ta­ri­an Chi­na in one of the works… but that just might be an inter­pre­ta­ti­on.

The show announ­ces “spec­ta­cu­lar art” on its home­page. Art as spec­ta­cle. This also seems to be the pur­po­se of the Dimen­si­ons exhi­bi­ti­on: a lavish eye-pop­ping art­wa­shing ope­ra­ti­on for the Palan­tir brand. 

The final touch could have been a sel­fie sta­ti­on with data ent­ry lin­ked to Palan­tir’s Got­ham moni­to­ring soft­ware, or may­be the cura­tors found it too on the nose. Ins­tead, the spon­sors, Palan­tir and Deut­sche Tele­kom were given a sub­stan­ti­ve podi­um at the ope­ning sym­po­si­um.

It is no coin­ci­dence that Palan­tir is publi­shing a book at the same time entit­led “From Arti­fi­ci­al to Aug­men­ted Intel­li­gence — What we can learn from art to shape the future with soft­ware”. In inter­views with Palan­tir CEO Alex Karp, it also beco­mes clear that the exhi­bi­ti­on par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on goes bey­ond “art-washing”: Here, not only the own brand is to be pla­ced in the posi­ti­ve light of art, but the con­cept of free art its­elf is to be appro­pria­ted in order to demand the grea­test pos­si­ble free­dom wit­hout respon­si­bi­li­ty for the pro­gramm­ers of sur­veil­lan­ce soft­ware as a “colo­ny of artists” (Alex Karp).

In sum­ma­ry: The show Dimen­si­ons appears to be an attempt to dis­tract the public from any poli­ti­cal dimen­si­on of the digi­tal by nego­tia­ting the histo­ry of the digi­tal pri­ma­ri­ly as an aes­the­tic phe­no­me­non. That way, any ques­ti­ons about demo­cra­tic con­trol of sur­veil­lan­ce tech­no­lo­gies and the appro­pria­ti­on of data by cor­po­ra­ti­ons like Palan­tir may hop­eful­ly be eva­ded.

Our demands:

We demand a cri­ti­cal atti­tu­de towards exhi­bi­ti­ons that enga­ge in a depo­li­ti­ci­zed his­to­rio­gra­phy.

We demand an open dis­cus­sion and a rethin­king with regard to sponsors—preferably not a co-opted dis­cus­sion super­vi­sed by the spon­sors them­sel­ves whe­re they can con­trol the set­ting to their liking.

We demand the deve­lo­p­ment of ethi­cal gui­de­lines for the finan­cing and pro­mo­ti­on of art exhi­bi­ti­ons. The­se gui­de­lines should first and fore­most be dis­cus­sed among the city­’s inde­pen­dent art spaces and insti­tu­tes.

We demand stron­ger sup­port of the inde­pen­dent sce­ne by the city of Leip­zig, with which, this kind of toxic spon­sor­ship would­n’t be nee­ded in the first place.

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Initial Signatories

Char­lot­te Eif­ler, artist and uni­ver­si­ty tea­cher, Leipzig/Karlsruhe

Su Yu Hsin, artist, Leipzig/Berlin

Fran­cis Hun­ger, artist & media scho­lar, Leip­zig

Gabri­el S. Moses, artist, Leip­zig

Ale­xa Stein­brück, artist & pro­gramm­er, Leip­zig


The let­ter sig­ning has been finis­hed.

Marie-Ève Lev­as­seurMontréal/Leipzigartist
Dr. Inke ArnsDort­mundDirek­to­rin HMKV Hart­wa­re Medi­en­Kunst­Ver­ein
Karo­li­ne Schnei­derLeip­zig Artist
Peter Her­mansLeipzig/HalleKünstler/Lehrende 
Anja Kai­serLeip­zigDesi­gne­rin und Künst­le­rin
Fran­cis­ka Zóly­omLeip­zigcura­tor, muse­um direc­tor
Mar­tin Hau­feLeip­zigKünst­le­ri­scher Bild­ner
Roland Mey­erBerlin/BochumBild- und Medi­en-wis­sen­schaft­ler
DJ Boo­gaLeip­zigDefro­sta­ti­ca Records
Lore­na Jau­me-Pala­síBer­linEthics and Tech­no­lo­gy Rese­ar­cher, Cura­tor 
Ralf SturmBer­linPaar­the­ra­peut, DJ
Kat­ja RöckelLeip­zigMedi­en­päd­ago­gin, Radio­jour­na­lis­tin
Cars­ten Möl­lerLeip­zigKünst­ler
Yvonne Wil­helmZürichDozie­ren­de / Künst­le­rin
Jan Bar­thol­méLeip­zigKünst­ler
MinorLeip­zigMusik Label
Cle­mens Roth­bau­er Leip­zig Selbst­stän­dig 
Phil­ipp Paul­senKai­roLec­tu­rer Gra­phik Design
Mar­tin Lang­hof Leip­zig Film und Video­edi­tor 
Kais Har­ra­biLeip­zigJour­na­list
Cars­ten Sta­be­nowBer­linKura­tor
Omar F Faber Leip­zigDesi­gner
Isa­bel Fraaß Glauch­auArchi­tek­tin, Künst­le­rin
Jan Thau08371 Glauch­auArtist
Hito Stey­erlBer­linfilmmaker/writer
Nani Gut­iérrez Ber­linArtist
Frank Schu­mann Leip­zigAnge­stell­ter / Ehren­amt, Kunst 
Can­di­ce BreitzBer­linArtist
Kuai ShenBas­sumArtist
Alex­an­der ReppLeip­zigKünst­ler
Andre­as Ull­richDres­denKünst­ler / Kura­tor / Vor­sit­zen­der Netz­werk Medi­en Kunst
Nor­ma Lin­de­mann FlöhaMensch
Anna Wag­nerLeip­zig Art con­su­mer, employee 
Tina SchulzLeip­zigspot­s­py­ing();
Jim Küh­nelLeip­zigDesi­gner
Alex­an­der Ens­kat (slex)Plau­en Künst­ler 
Peter M. Hoff­mannLeip­zigIllus­tra­tor
Rahel AntrieLeip­zigKul­tur­ma­na­ge­rin 
Peg­gy Spitz­nerLeip­zigFrei­schaf­fen­de Künst­le­rin
Wieb­ke Magis­ter Leip­zig Kul­tur­trei­ben­de
Jere­mi­as Rad­nyLeip­zigKünst­ler
UBERMORGEN – Liz and Luzi­usKöln/WienNetz­kunst­duo
Eyck-Mar­cus WendtLeip­zigThea­ter­wis­sen-schaft­ler
Jür­gen Geu­ter Ber­lin Autor
Peter Wil­liam Hol­denLeip­zigArtist
Rabea ter Bra­akLeip­zig Desi­gne­rin Künst­le­rin
!Medi­en­grup­pe Bit­nikBer­linartists
Cle­mens von Wede­mey­erLeip­zig / Ber­linKünst­ler 
Jas­min Franz Leip­zigKul­tur­schaf­fen­de
Nina But­ten­dorf Leip­zigMem­ber Kul­tur­be­trieb ZiMMT
Dawid Dro­neLeip­zigKünst­ler
Sven Schnei­derLeip­zigKul­tur- und Medi­en­päd­ago­ge / Künst­ler
Max Mül­lerLeip­zigCura­tor and orga­ni­zer
Mar­ko KnaackHal­leIT
Julia­ne WenzlLeip­zigIllus­tra­to­rin & Bild­wis­sen­schaft­le­rin
Anya StangBer­linPri­vat
Dia­na Till­mannLeip­zigWis­sen­schaft­li­che Mit­ar­bei­te­rin
Simon KalusLeip­zig trans­di­sci­pli­na­ry artist
Ingo Are­ndBer­linKri­ti­ker
Aram Bar­thollBer­linArtist
Kat­rin May­erBer­linArtist
Jan-Phil­ipp SacherLeip­zigBALLERN
Antye Greie-Ripat­tiHai­luo­toartist
Tho­mas Diet­zeLeip­zigKrea­tiv­schaf­fen­der 
Paul Liss­nerLeip­zigmusi­ci­an
Alex­an­der Peh­le­mannLeip­zig Autor, Kura­tor
Cor­ne­li­us Fer­berBochumStu­dent
Marc HerbstLeip­zigArtist/Editor
Mir­ko GustLeip­zigGIRO e.V. (Vor­stand)
Sasu Ripat­tiHai­luo­tomusic pro­du­cer
Julia KurzLeip­zigKura­to­rin
Michiel Huijs­manAms­ter­damArtist
CFMLeip­zig Künst­le­rin
Tobi­as Kur­patLeip­zig  Stu­die­ren­der 
Bar­ba­ra Gali­ziaLeip­zigPer­son
Elling­ho­ven Samu­elLeip­zigArtist
Anja Thümm­lerLeip­zigRadio Blau
David Beh­rensLeip­zig mul­ti­di­sci­pli­na­ry artist
Ema­nue­le PetersLeip­zig Artist 
Jule ObergLeip­zig pri­vat
Coco Lobin­gerLeip­zigDesi­gner
Dar­ko FritzZagreb Artist, cura­tor, rese­ar­cher 
Lai­la KamilLeip­zigArt Stu­dent, Soft­ware Deve­lo­per
Arne Lin­deLeip­zigDirek­to­rin ASPN Gale­rie
Yas­har Shir­delLeip­zig Artist 
Liam DyckLeip­zig Stu­dent
Franz Hane­mannBer­linMedi­en­tech­nik-Inge­nieur
Nike KühnLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Joseph Imi­li­anLeip­zigArtist
Chris­ti­an HeckKölnKünst­le­risch- wis­sen­schaft­li­cher Mit­ar­bei­ter
Tris­tan Schul­zeLeip­zigKünstler.Dozent
San­dra Araú­joPor­toartist
Mon­so­on Tra­xxLeip­zig DJs
Vika Kir­chen­bau­erBer­linArtist
Bea­tri­ce BarthLeip­zigDesi­gne­rin
Ana­hi­ta Raz­miBer­linBil­den­de Künst­le­rin
Caro­la Spa­do­niBer­linartist and film­ma­ker
Marie Char­lot­te Els­ner Leip­zigArtist
Ulri­ke Ber­ger­mannBraun­schweigMedi­en­wis­sen-schaft­le­rin
Emi­lia Sla­dekLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Tho­mas Dre­herMunich/Münchenart his­to­ri­an, Kunst­his­to­ri­ker
Chris­ti­an Treff­lerHal­le (Saa­le)Infor­ma­ti­ons­de­si­gner
Olia Lia­li­naStutt­gartNet artist, edu­ca­tor
Alex­an­der KochBer­linGale­rist KOW, Direk­tor der Gesell­schaf­ter Neu­en Auf­trag­ge­ber.
Julia­ne Jasch­nowLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Chris­tin LahrLeip­zig / Ber­linartist
Ange­los Lakou­ras-HessLeip­zigStu­die­ren­der
Niklas Klee­mannLeip­zigArtist, Soft­ware Deve­lo­per
Cla­ra WieckLeip­zigArtist
Cle­mens SchöllBer­linKünst­ler
Agnieszka Koz­lows­kaLeip­zigDJ 
Camil­le Bak­erCraw­leyArtist / aca­de­mic 
Juri GroßLeip­zigArtist
Aria­ne Jed­lit­sch­ka Leip­zigKünst­ler, Kul­tur­ma­na­ger
Kore­nev Dani­el Leip­zig Stu­dent 
Fabi­an Hes­seLeipzig/ Ber­linKünstler/ artist
Oli­ver Som­merLeip­zigGra­fi­ker
Jonas Han­senLeipzig/HallePro­fes­sor
Ulrich Tha­lerLeip­zigGale­rist
Lisa Nos­sekLeip­zig Stu­den­tin
The­re­sa Mün­nichHalle/SaaleStu­den­tin 
Juli­an­ne Csa­po Leip­zigArt Mana­ger
Kse­nia SovaLeip­zigArtist
Kir­s­ti Zim­mer­mann Leip­zigDJ
Bar­ba­ra HeroldMün­chenMedi­en­künst­le­rin
Ste­phen StahnLeip­zigKünst­ler
Zoë Clai­re Mil­ler Ber­linartist
Dani­el Weiß­brodtLeip­zigHis­to­ri­ker, Autor
Mai­ke Sie­bels Ber­linStu­den­tin 
Dia­na McCar­tyBer­linMedia Artist 
Ben­ja­min Mey­er-Krah­mer Leip­zig / Ber­linPro­fes­sor at Hoch­schu­le für Gra­fik und Buch­kunst Leip­zig 
Michel Klöf­korn Frank­furtKünst­ler 
Matteo Pas­qui­nel­li Berlin/KarlsruhePro­fes­sor, Hoch­schu­le für Gestal­tung Karls­ru­he
Patri­cia Det­me­ring Ber­lin Artist 
Ange­la Sei­del Leip­zig Kul­tur­ma­na­ge­rin
Raphaël Bas­ti­deParisartist
Mat­thi­as Pla­nit­zerBer­linKünst­ler
Frit­zi BoschLeip­zigGrafikdesigner*in/ Student*in
Rena­ta Rara Kamins­kaBer­linArtist
Mar­tin Zei­lin­gerDundeeSeni­or Lec­tu­rer in Com­pu­ta­tio­nal Arts & Tech, Aber­tay Uni­ver­si­ty
Fet­te SansBer­linArtist
Yis­hay Gar­baszBer­linArtist
Mer­lin Reich­art Ham­burg Artist
Han­nes BajohrZürichJuni­or Fel­low, Col­le­gi­um Hel­ve­ti­cum
ilse LaferLeipzig/WienKura­to­rin
Sabi­ne A. Fischer Reykja­vík artist/ art uni­ver­si­ty tea­cher 
Ales­san­dro Y. Lon­goBer­linWri­ter
Anna JägerBer­linKuratorin/Übersetzerin
Jan-Luca OttLeip­zig Artist
Hen­ry Gig­gen­bachLeipzig/HamburgArtist
Assad Ali Zaman Nürn­bergIT
Ben­ja­min BuschBer­linArtist
Katha­ri­na Hetz­enederBer­linGestal­te­rin
Alex­an­der Faren­holtz Ber­lin Vor­sit­zen­der Hoch­schul­rat Hoch­schu­le für Gra­fik und Buch­kunst Leip­zig
Marie Athen­staedtLeip­zigPain­ter
Miche­le Cre­ma­schiBer­ga­moArtist; PhD can­di­da­te at Bol­za­no Uni­ver­si­ty
Johann Bären­klauLeip­zigKünst­ler
Andrea Tin­nesBer­linDesi­gne­rin und Pro­fes­so­rin
Johan­na Wie­nertBer­lin Ton­meis­te­rin
Den­ny Thie­le Leip­zig Grün­der von exe.ist
Lai­la Uhl Leip­zig Mul­ti­dis­zi­pli­nä­re Künst­le­rin
Sti­ne Marie Jaco­benBerlin/LeipzigPro­fes­sor at Hoch­schu­le für Gra­fik und Buch­kunst Leip­zig 
Vin­zenz Adl­din­gerMün­chenStu­dent der Kunst­ge­schich­te
Leon Bil­ler­beckLeip­zigArtist
Mateo Chacón PinoKas­selWis­sen­schaft­li­cher Mit­ar­bei­ter docu­men­ta Insti­tut
Kers­tin Ergenzin­gerBer­linKünst­le­rin
Anselm Fran­keZürichLei­ter Mas­ter of Art Edu­ca­ti­on Cura­to­ri­al Stu­dies ZHdK
Jörg Hei­ser Ber­linKunst­kri­ti­ker
Viron ErolBer­linVisu­al Artist
Keti ChukhrovBer­linGuest pro­fes­sor, Hoch­schu­le fur Gestal­tung, Karls­ru­he
Brendan HowellBer­linArtist and Reluc­tant Engi­neer
Raviv Gan­chrowAms­ter­damArtist
Sami­ra Klein­schmidtEssenArt his­to­ri­an
Geor­ge Mac­BethBer­linEdi­tor
Anna Engel­hardtLon­donArtist
Lui­se HoyerDuis­burgKünst­le­rin, Kul­tur­schaf­fen­de, Mensch
Sophia HackelMün­chenStu­den­tin
Ole Kloss Ber­lin Film­schaf­fen­der
Juli­an ObrechtLeip­zigSoft­ware Ent­wick­ler 
Kol­ja Rei­chertBer­linPrä­si­dent des Kunstkritiker:innen-verbands AICA Deutsch­land e.V.; Kura­tor
Elli KuruşLeip­zigKunst­kol­lek­tiv
Dirk Tesch­nerBer­linKura­tor
Lina Schwar­zen­bergDres­denDesi­gne­rin
Scott WittockBer­linCiti­zen
Nel­ly Y. Pink­rahWien und Dres­denwiss. Mit­ar­bei­te­rin, Autorin
Eva HackelBad Wies­seeArchi­tek­tin
Ines Scha­berBer­lin / Leip­zigKünst­le­rin / Leh­ren­de HGB
Dr. Mat­thi­as Kamp­mannBar­bingKunst­kri­ti­ker
Cla­ra Rodri­guezBer­linWis­sen­schaft­li­che Mit­ar­bei­te­rin
Pao­lo Caf­fo­niBerlin/Karlsruheaca­de­mic
Mathi­as Lin­derFrei­burg / Leip­zigKünst­ler
Jens Leh­mann Frank­furtArtist
Sebas­ti­an Hip­e­cacLeip­zigFilm
Alex TiteevLeip­zig !
Fabek TobiLeip­zigArtist
Eke KinBer­linBildhauer*in, kri­ti­sche Archi­te­kur
Astrid Köp­peBer­linartist
Alex­an­der Zen­kerLeip­zigArtist 
Anna Hart­laubLeip­zigArtist
Mar­kus Zim­mer­mannFrank­furt MainArtist
Noah Schulz Leip­zigMusi­ker
Kath­rin BeckerBer­linArtis­tic Direc­tor, KINDL – Cent­re for Con­tem­po­ra­ry Art
Ute Rich­terLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Andre­as Oels­nerLeip­zigdezen­tra­le Hackspace Leip­zig (Vor­stand) 
Moni­que Förs­ter Erfurt/ Ber­lin Kunst­haus Erfurt
Julie Free­manLon­donArtist
Radek Krolc­zykBre­menGale­rist + Autor
Karen Lau­beLeip­zigMZIN Book­s­to­re
Vanes­sa Ohl­raun Han­no­verLec­tu­rer
Bern­hard Schip­perLeip­zigGeschäfts­füh­rer
Cars­ten ProbstBer­linAICA Vor­stand
Ayme­ric Man­souxRot­ter­dam / NLcul­tu­ral worker
Micha­el ZBrook­lyn, NY / Vien­na, Aus­triaArtist, Crea­ti­ve Tech­no­lo­gist
Jonas Roß­meißlLeipzig/Uttenreuth/Düsseldorf Künst­ler 
Hop­kins JohnDen­ver Colo­ra­doMedia Artist
Devi­ne Lu Lin­ve­gaShi­mo­daArtist
Andre­as Siek­mann Ber­linArtist
Oli­ver Leis­tertHam­burgRea­der
Mar­co Brás dos San­tosLeip­zigJour­na­list
Alex­an­dra TolandWei­marartist-rese­ar­cher, arts edu­ca­tor
Lisa McLaugh­linOhio, USAAsso­cia­te Pro­fes­sor
Ange­li­ka Waniek Leip­zig Künst­le­rin 
Ema­nu­el Mathi­as leip­zigArtist
Jose­phi­ne Lula­maeBer­linJour­na­list
Kat­ja MarieBer­linKünst­le­rin
Nim­rod Weis­lib Leip­zig Künst­ler
Vla­di­mir NadeinTai­pei Curator/artist 
Julia Krau­seDort­mundSound­de­si­gne­rin 
Ame­lie Gold­fußLeip­zigDesi­gne­rin
Anna-Lui­se LorenzBer­linKünst­le­rin und Desi­gne­rin
Lui­se Mar­chandBer­linArtist
Anne Hof­mannLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Mar­ti­na Men­egon Vien­na / Aus­tria Artist, Cura­tor, Edu­ca­tor 
Cla­ris­sa Thie­meBer­linKünst­le­rin, Fil­me­ma­che­rin
Udo NollBer­lin / KölnKünst­ler + Inge­nieur
Rike FrankBer­linEuro­pean Kunst­hal­le; Ber­li­ner För­der­pro­gramm Künst­le­ri­sche For­schung
Tho­mas LocherBer­linArtist
Jascha HagenHal­le (Saa­le)Musi­ker
Anne-Loui­se Hoff­mannMainz/ Köln / ParisArtist
Be Kör­nerWei­marartist
Robin Det­jeBer­linAutor, Über­set­zer
Eli­sa DucaBer­linBil­den­de Künst­le­rin
Peter Wu+ / EPOCHLos Ange­le­gedArtist 
Nate WessBre­menRese­ar­cher
Ane­ta Rost­kows­ka KölnDirek­to­rin
Olga Vostrets­ovaLeip­zigKura­to­rin
Jia­wen YaoBre­mendesi­gner-rese­ar­cher
Wil­li Her­bergLeip­zigPer­son 
Car­rie ChenLos Ange­lesArtist
Mich­al Klod­nerPra­gueartist
Ela­na MannLos Ange­lesArtist
Nan­cy Bak­er Cahill Los Ange­lesArtist 
Alfre­do Sala­zar-CaroMexi­co City Crea­tor 
Bani Brusa­dinBar­ce­lo­nacura­tor, lec­tu­rer at Uni­ver­si­ty of Bar­ce­lo­na
Rafa­el Loza­no-Hem­merMont­re­alArtist
Prof. Dr. Fré­dé­ric Buß­mann Chem­nitz pri­vat
Peter Broad­wellPalo Alto Cali­for­nia USAArtist
Nata­lie Son­top­skileip­zigCo-Foun­der Code Girls/ Wis­sen­schaft­li­che Mit­ar­bei­te­rin
Ursu­la DammBer­linKünst­le­rin, Pro­fes­so­rin
Marc Sie­gelMainzPro­fes­sor, Johan­nes Guten­berg-Uni­ver­si­tät
Anja Vor­mannDüs­sel­dorfKünst­le­rin
Marei­ke Ber­ni­enBerlin/LeipzigKünst­le­rin, Leh­ren­de
Lui­se Schrö­derBer­linKünst­le­rin
The­re­sa Schu­bertBer­linKünst­le­rin, Rese­ar­cher
Chris­ti­an Zöll­nerHal­le / Dres­denDesi­gner / Edu­ca­tor
Susan­ne Förs­terBer­linrese­ar­cher
Mag­da­le­na Kal­len­ber­gerBer­linKünst­le­rin
Jara RochaBar­ce­lo­narese­ar­cher, cura­tor
Deni­se Acker­mannDres­denKul­tur­ma­na­ge­rin, Kura­to­rin
Tobi­as JacobHalle/SaaleDesi­gner Künst­ler
Joseph Knier­zin­ger Rotterdam/Viennaartist
Ingrid Wag­ner Ber­linPrä­si­di­um der neu­en Gesell­schaft für bil­den­de Kunst 
Ian Alan PaulBar­ce­lo­naartist, theo­rist
Ste­fan Hur­tigLeip­zigKünst­ler
Hana YooBer­linArtist
Ger­hard Wich­lerLeip­zigBil­den­der Künst­ler
Ann-Kath­rin Mül­lerLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Marek EibertLeip­zigKünst­ler
Mar­cel NoackLeip­zigBil­den­der Künst­ler
Sebas­ti­an MuehlBer­linSeni­or Rese­ar­cher, Kunst­hoch­schu­le Lett­land
Bea­tri­ce von Bis­marckBerlin/ Leip­zigHGB
Julia Koschew­skiLeip­zigArchi­tek­tin
Lud­wig Völ­kerLeip­zigMedia Artist
Luca de Groo­teLeip­zigpri­vat
Anna Jeh­le Leipzig/OsnabrückKura­to­rin 
Lari­sa Bla­zicLon­donArtist
Seda Gur­sesBrusselsAca­de­mic
San­na Schiff­lerLeip­zig / Hal­leDesi­gne­rin / Leh­ren­de
Marie Rit­terLeip­zig Stu­den­tin
Jos Die­gelOffen­bach / Leip­zig visu­al and media artist
Eli Cor­ti­ñasBer­linKünstlerin/ Prof. Media Art HGB Leip­zig
Michae­la Schwei­gerBer­lin / Hal­leKünst­le­rin / Leh­ren­de
Cle­mens App­richWienUni­ver­si­tät für ange­wand­te Kunst
Yvon Chab­row­skiLeip­zig / Ber­lin Bil­den­de Künstler_in
Michel Che­va­lierex-Ham­burgex-artist
Jochen BlohmLeip­zig Unter­zeich­ner
Caro­lin KrahlLeip­zigAutorin
jakob steen­senber­linartist
Reni Hof­mül­lerGrazKünst­le­rin
Bea Niel­senLeip­zig Artist
Fel­ber / Dia­naLeip­zigArchi­tek­tin / KV Leip­zig
Nicolás Rup­cichBer­linArtist
Lawi­nia RateBer­linKura­to­rin
Kon­rad BeckerWienInsti­tut für Neue Kul­tur­tech­no­lo­gien
Kat­ri­na Slu­isCan­ber­racura­tor, rese­ar­cher, edu­ca­tor
Phil­ipp RödelLeip­zigKünst­ler / Bild­ner, Künst­le­ri­scher Lei­ter grea­ter form (GIRO e.V.)
Can RagerHam­burgStu­dent
Aria­na Don­gusBer­linMedia Scho­lar
Mar­tinLeip­zig Artist
Gun­nar Wen­delLeip­zigMusi­ker
Anna ZettBer­lin Artist, Film­ma­ker 
Sophie Ste­phan Leip­zig Künst­le­rin
Vanes­sa Opo­kuBer­linBil­den­de Künst­le­rin 
Shel­ly Sil­verNew York, USAArtist/Professor
Mar­tin Wüh­lerLeip­zigKünst­ler
Mat­hil­da Eif­lerLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Mela­nie Jame WolfBer­linKunst­le­rin
Sarah UlrichLeip­zig Jour­na­list
Nee­le (DJ, Boo­ker)Leip­zigDJ, Boo­ker, Kul­tur­päd­ago­gin
Ans­kar BeauLeip­zig Künst­ler 
Jens Woll­we­berLeip­zigBlog­ger
Wolf­ram HirtLeip­zigBar­ten­der 
Tony FranzLeip­zigKünst­ler
Phil­ipp Kol­be Leip­zig Worker
Flo­ri­an Sei­del Ber­linVer­le­ger 
Ute Weiss LederBer­linKünst­le­rin
Sven Michel­sonLeipzig/BerlinArtist
Schen­kluhn, AnselmBer­linCura­tor
Robert Hen­keBer­linKünst­ler, Kom­po­nist, Pro­gram­mie­rer
Alba De Urba­noBer­linKünst­le­rin
Jay Jor­danNot­re-Dame-des-Lan­desCo-faci­li­ta­tor of the Labo­ra­to­ry of Insur­rec­tion­a­ry Ima­gi­na­ti­on 
Tho­mas Tau­beJenaArtist
Jan Made­raLeip­zig Art Direc­tion
Rodri­go Alco­cerLeip­zigArtist
Vera LaufLeip­zigKunst­wis­sen-schaft­le­rin/ Kura­to­rin
Chus López VidalBer­linKünst­le­rin
Mari­us LandBer­linKünstler/ For­schung 
EdwardSan­ta CruzPro­fes­sor
Simón Jara­mil­lo Val­le­joLeip­zigVisu­al Artist, DJ
Flo­rence Gou­vrit-Mon­ta­ñoOhio, USAMedia Artist
Nils Mol­len­hau­erBer­linKünst­ler 
Johan­nes Bru­derBaselCri­ti­cal Media Lab
Nadi­ne Ran­goschLeip­zigMedi­en­künst­le­rin
Fran­zis­ka Eich­horn Leip­zigMem­ber Art School
Shin­ta­ro Miya­za­kiBer­linMedi­en-wis­sen­schaft­ler
Tobi­as Lan­ge­laBre­mer­ha­venTon­künst­ler
Vee Hel­big Leip­zig Artist
Marie PascholdLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Karen Wer­nerBer­genArtist 
Nora KringsLeip­zig Kul­tur­schaf­fen­de 
Søren PoldAar­husAsso­cia­te Pro­fes­sor
Chris­tof Zwie­nerBer­linKünst­ler / Kura­tor
Bob JonesBer­linArtist
Jes­si­ca ArseneauBer­linArtist
David Tief­en­tha­lerLeip­zigStu­dent
DJ Zapo­tek Leip­zig Disc­jo­ckey 
Julia EckertLeip­zigKuratorin/ Ver­wal­tungs-mana­ge­rin GfZK
Fred De Wil­de Bel­gi­umCeo
Lau­ra Lep­pertBer­linArtist
Brit­ta PetersBochum Künst­le­ri­sche Lei­tung Urba­ne Küns­te Ruhr
Prof. Dr. Flo­ri­an Had­lerBer­linPro­fes­sor für Crea­ti­ve Entre­pre­neur­ship
Milan Pro­cykLeip­zihDok­to­rand
Kari­ne Char­bon­neauMont­re­alHead of Future Exhi­bi­ti­ons / art stu­dio
Till Hun­gerLeip­zigArtist
Tobi­as FabekLeip­zigArtist
Palo­ma Vil­le­gasMexi­co CityTou­rism
Tim Roma­now­skyLeip­zigKünst­ler
Neo Fa.Ber­linj
Marie-Lui­se Ange­rer Berlin/PotsdamPro­fes­so­rin für Medi­en­wis­sen­schaft
Rolf WalzBer­linArtist
Felix Pötsch Leip­zig Desi­gner
Kim AlbrechtBer­linDesi­gner
Peg­gy AhweshUSArtist
Ele­ni Michaeli­diLeipzig/Athen Cura­tor
Hagen Tan­ne­ber­gerLeip­zig‘-
Micha­el See­feldtHal­le / Leip­zigKünst­ler
Móni­ca Bel­loGen­eveCura­tor 
Sarah CookDundeeCura­tor 
Mar­ga­re­te Pratsch­keBerlin/WeimarKunst- und Bild­his­to­ri­ke­rin
Mari­sa Bap­tis­ta Lis­boa Architect/artist/associativist
Cem A. Ber­linArtist
Teun Ver­kerkThe HagueArt & tech­no­lo­gy cura­tor
Sam Mad­ha­vanVan­cou­verArtist
Lars Schei­de­lerLeip­zigever­yo­ne
Lukas Krim­men­au Leip­zig Student/ Photographer/ Artist 
Har­ry Hach­meis­ter Ber­lin Artist
Schä­fer Mat­thi­asLinzArtist
Rahel ZauggLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Cle­mens Krüm­melBer­linKunst­his­to­ri­ker
Ian Mur­rayToron­toArtist
Lydia Käh­nyHei­del­berg exhi­bi­ti­on desi­gner 
Leigh Kot­sil­idisMont­re­alWriter/Artist
Butow RomeyLeip­zigFoto­graf und Fil­me­ma­cher
Melis­sa Agui­larCos­ta Rica / Mexi­coDesi­gner, rese­ar­cher 
Roc Alba­latBar­ce­lo­naRese­ar­cher
Pletl Phil­ippPol­lingGal­le­rist
San­dra Schä­ferBer­lin, Mün­chenartist
Rüdi­ger Wit­ten Leip­zig Mensch 
Tim Fen­in­gerLeip­zig Stu­dent
Leon Gabri­elFrankfurt/BochumJr.-Prof. Thea­ter-wis­sen­schaft
Caro Eibl Leip­zig Artist/ Film­edi­tor
Andrea Gar­cia Leip­zigKünst­le­rin / Leh­re­rin
Jose­phi­ne QuaasHam­burgStu­den­tin
Matthew Ful­lerLon­donPro­fes­sor of Cul­tu­ral Stu­dies, Golds­mit­hs, Uni­ver­si­ty of Lon­don
Con­stan­ze Bur­ger Leip­zig Regis­seu­rin
David VossLeipzig/MainzLehrender/Geszalzer
Myri­am Kind Hal­le Saa­leMana­ger
Marie du Chas­tel BrusselsArt direc­tor / cura­tor 
Heba Y. AminBer­linArtist
Juli­us Wag­nerLeip­zig Künst­ler
Tung-Hui HuMichi­gan / Hal­leWri­ter
Dana MalikLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Sebas­ti­an Lau­beChem­nitzSoft­ware Deve­lo­per
Anto­nia Hoff­mann Leip­zigÖffent­lich­keits-arbeit 
Moritz Oster­woldHal­le (Saa­le)Stu­dent
Marie Meis­ter Leip­zig Künst­le­rin 
Hen­ning FehrBer­linreti­red artist 
Kirs­ten Janow­skiLeip­zigRent­ne­rin
Eva Wil­sonLon­donWri­ter
Loui­sa pie­perHal­le Kunst­stu­den­tin
Simo­ne Vol­lenwei­der Leip­zig Gra­fik-Design 
Vin­cent Koch Leip­zig Stu­dent 
Sarah VeithLeipzig/HamburgArtist
Ste­fan RömerBer­linKünst­ler*
Jen Mit­suko Ber­lin Artist
Yola Bror­mannLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Adam Har­veyBer­linArtist, Rese­ar­cher
Tobi­as Bertz Leip­zig Artist 
Jür­gen Mei­er Leip­zigArtist
Car­lo Wran­gelLeip­zigStudent*in
Domi­nik BönischDüs­sel­dorf Rese­ar­cher
Robert Sei­delBer­linKünst­ler 
Gis­le Frøys­landBer­gen, Nor­wayArtist
Mar­tin ReichLeip­zigKünst­ler
Lou­is Freh­ringRen­nes / FranceArtist
Ben­ja­min Dittrich Leip­zig Künst­ler
Han­nes Pogor­zel­ski Leip­zig gra­phics
Ana Hoff­nerWienPro­fes­sor for Artis­tic Rese­arch
Gavin Muel­lerAms­ter­damPro­fes­sor
Mar­co Don­na­rum­ma Ber­linKünst­ler und Wis­sen­schaft­ler 
Sarah Hüning Leip­zig Künst­le­rin
Joa­chim BaurDort­mund / Ber­linProf. of Cul­tu­ral Anthro­po­lo­gy
Lan­ge, Kat­rinLeip­zigBür­ge­rin
Lori Regat­tie­riBra­si­lia, Bra­silSeni­or Fel­low Mozil­la Foun­da­ti­on
Ihsan Ali­san Düs­sel­dorf Direc­tor Mou­ch­es Volan­tes 
Vanes­sa Far­fánBer­linArtist 
Pia Alt­mannHal­le.
Tho­mas RothLeip­zigPri­vat
Sebas­ti­an Ran­de­rathKölnMedi­en­wis­sen-schaft­ler; Desi­gner
Gott­fried Hai­derShang­haiArtist
Kath­rin Hun­zeBer­linArtist
Rafa­el Dern­bach Ber­linCura­tor
Rene Blue­melLeip­zigMedi­en­ge­stal­ter
Jas­min GrimmBer­lin Kura­to­rin
Rok Kran­jcLjublja­naRese­ar­cher and desi­gner
Clau­dia Wes­ter­mannSuz­houArtist
Alex BartschLeip­zigFil­mer
Eli­se Mis­ao Hun­chuckBer­lin, MilanCura­tor, Artist, Edi­tor 
Lars Rum­melLeip­zig Kura­tor
Chris­toph Bal­du­in Strop­pelLeip­zigKünst­ler, DJ, Pro­du­zent, Desi­gner
Maja Kalo­ge­raZagrebartist, cura­tor, rese­ar­cher
Gabri­el Cor­re­dorLeip­zigArtist
Albin Uhl­igLeip­zig Mensch
Ste­pha­nie Marie Cede­ñoBer­linDesi­gne­rin
Boaz LevinBer­linCurator/writer
Law­rence LekLon­donArtist
Ben­no BruckschHal­leDesigner/ Edu­ca­tor
Mario San­ta­ma­ría Bar­ce­lo­naArtist
Vin­cent SchierBer­linKura­tor
Van Kerck­ho­ven Andre­asBrusselsStu­dent
Kor­han ErelBer­linMusi­ci­an, Sound Artist
Shan­non Mat­ternPhil­adel­phia, PAPro­fes­sor of Media Stu­dies 
David Bas­tongKarls­ru­heTea­cher
Rod­dy SchroxkNew York, NYExec. Direc­tor, Eye­beam
Ste­fan RoigkBer­linBil­den­der Künst­ler
Min­hye ChuLeip­zig Künst­le­rin
Ceci­lia Medi­naBue­nos AiresCura­tor
Johan­na Kum­me­tat Leip­zig Inha­bi­tant
Ben Gros­serUrba­na, IL USAartist and pro­fes­sor
Moritz Koch Ber­linDesi­gner
César Escu­de­ro Anda­luz4020 LinzArtist
Moritz Wun­der­waldWienMusi­ci­an, Digi­tal Artist
Dani­el SchwarzNew York CityArtist, Poli­cy Stra­te­gist
Wilm Tho­benLos Ange­les‘-
Tho­mas Beh­ling Ber­linKünst­ler 
Han­nah BischofBer­linMale­rin
Astrid Schnei­derBer­linKünst­le­rin
Son­ja Hor­nungBer­linArtist
Wal­traut Taenz­lerBer­linvisu­al artist
Beti­na KuntzschBer­linKünst­le­rin, Fil­me­ma­che­rin
Chris­ti­an Ber­gerMainz/Essenart his­to­ri­an
Ulri­ke Jor­danBer­linKunst­his­to­ri­ke­rin
Kuno Mat­thi­as EbertBer­linKünst­ler / Kura­tor
Kan­dis Frie­senMontréal/BerlinArtist
Bernd Rei­chertBer­linKünst­ler
Hei­di SillBer­linVisu­al artist
Sonya Schön­ber­gerBer­linArtist
Patri­cia Pisa­niBer­linVisu­al artist
Julia Brod­aufLeip­zig / Ber­linartist
Kor­ne­lia Kug­lerBer­linKünstler*in
Ange­li­ka Mar­gullBer­linPro­fes­so­rin
Sven Kal­denBer­linKünst­ler 
Ste­fan AlberBer­linArtist
Alex­an­der Mága Kiel Künst­ler 
Klaus-Peter Vell­guth Ber­linKünst­ler 
Lin­da Fur­kerBer­linKünst­le­rin
Eli­sa Jule BraunBer­lin Artist 
Lud­mil­la Wien­hold von Klein­stückDres­denKunst­mä­ze­nin
Kei­ke Twis­sel­mannBer­linKünst­ler
Tyy­ne Poll­mannBer­linKünst­le­rin
Micha­el Cal­lag­hanBel­fastPho­to­grapher
Jean-Noël Mon­tag­néNiceacti­vi­ty laun­cher
KV – Ver­ein für Zeit­ge­nös­si­sche Kunst Leip­zig e.V.Leip­zigVor­stand
Mari­na Schul­ze Ber­linFree artist 
Clau­dia Röß­ger Leip­zigMale­rin 
Mat­thi­as Dör­feltLos Ange­les, Kali­for­ni­enArtist
Les­ley­An­na Pat­tenHali­fax, Nova Sco­tia Cana­daWri­ter-direc­tor
Saskia Fri­cke Leip­zigStu­den­tin
Ali­ce MünchBer­linFair share! Sicht­bar­keit für Künst­le­rin­nen e.V.
Mar­tin G. SchmiBer­linKünst­ler
Vero­ni­ka Vol­brach­to­vaBer­linArtist
Ekke­hard Knö­rerBer­linEdi­tor Mer­kur, Car­go
Kat­trin Lie­se­gangBer­linArtist
Jana Mer­tensLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Ana Band­ei­ra Por­toartist 
Mar­cel Bueh­ler Ber­linArtist 
Dan­ny Man­t­heiLeip­zig Cura­ti­ons
Felix Gra­beLeip­zigStu­dent, Medi­en­kunst, Klas­se Blank
Tuçe ErelBer­lin Cura­tor 
Tho­mas Dum­keDres­denCYNETART | Kul­tur­ma­na­ger
Bri­git­te DenckBer­linBil­den­de Künst­le­rin / Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons-wis­sen­schaft­le­rin
Rafa­el Hohl­feldBer­linFoto / Objekt
Sebas­ti­an SchmiegBer­linKünst­ler, Pro­fes­sor
Charles A.Dres­den — Äuße­re Neu­stadtArtist 
Frau­ke Bog­gasch Ber­linartist
Robin BellWashing­ton DCArtist
Pablo AbendHal­lePro­fes­sor, Burg Gie­bi­chen­stein Kunst­hoch­schu­le Hal­le
Gene­viè­ve Gila­bertBer­linFoto­gra­fin
Ten Ballev­artBer­linCom­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons
Tho­mas KoberHal­lewis­sen­schaft­li­che Hilfs­kraft 
Moritz FreiBer­linArtist 
Anne-Kat­rin Hut­schen­reu­terLeip­zigRedak­teu­rin
Gabri­el Wör­felLeip­zigMusi­ci­an
Paul Phil­ipp Hein­zeBer­linKünst­ler
Tony Bey­erLeipzig/HalleDesigner/Teacher
Jacob Bir­kenDüs­sel­dorfKul­tur- u. Bild­wis­sen­schaft­ler
Wan­da EckertLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Erik EssoBer­linKünst­ler
Dia­na Bar­que­ro PerezBer­lin Artist
Bir­git Cau­er Ber­lin Künst­le­rin
Pau­li­na MohrLeip­zigGra­fik­de­si­gne­rin
Chris KingLon­don Con­ser­va­tor 
Eli­sa SchmitzBer­linKünstler:in
Peter Kla­reBer­linKünst­ler
Son­ja Hohen­bildBer­linKul­tur­ar­bei­te­rin
Jut­ta Dun­kelBer­gisch Glad­bachKünst­le­rin
Krei­ser, Con­stan­zeBran­den­burgKünst­le­rin
Julia Lübb­eckeBer­linKünst­le­rin
Tim Zio­laBer­linGra­fik­de­si­gner
Flo­ri­an A. SchmidtDresden/BerlinProf. Design; Media Theo­ry HTWD
Tobi­as Zie­l­o­nyBer­linArtist
Abel­ar­do Gil-Four­nierMadridArtist
Marie­le Berg­mannBer­linMale­rin, Gra­fui­ke­rin, Bild­haue­rin
Eri­ka Krau­seBer­linKünst­le­rin
Flo­ri­an Zey­fangBer­linArtist
Till Ans­gar Baum­hau­erDres­denBil­den­der Künst­ler
Kath­ri­na RudolphAugs­burgBild. Künst­le­rin
Ing­mar Stan­geLeip­zigVR Researcher/ Stu­dent
Lin­da Mar­wanLeip­zigBil­den­de Künst­le­rin
Emid­dio Vas­quezLima­ssolArtist
Katha­ri­na Wein­stock Ber­linKunst­wis­sen-schaft­le­rin
Doris KochBer­linKünst­le­rin
Anna Wen­gerWien.
Julia Schrei­nerBer­linDra­ma­tur­gin
Robert Schmidt-MattBer­linKünst­ler
Las­se Scherf­figKölnPro­fes­sor
Erik Sie­mundVien­naGra­phic Design Stu­dent
Maxi­mi­li­an Schmoet­zerBer­linartist
Armin Diet­rich Zog­baumBer­linMaler / Foto­graf
Sophie-The­re­se Tren­ka-Dal­tonBer­linArtist
Wolf­gang Schwärz­lerLeip­zigGra­fik­de­si­gner
Emi­lio López-Gali­a­choMadridPro­fes­sor and artist
Geral­di­ne  Juá­rezGothen­burgArtist 
Micha­el Hauf­fenBer­linKünst­ler und Kunst­kri­ti­ker
Fran­zis­ka Eid­mann Ber­linLand­schafts­pla­ne­rin
Zara Bur­tonLyon, France.Artist, Edu­ca­tor
Clai­re LawMan­ches­ter Art Edu­ca­tor 
Chris­tin SchulzLeip­zigFes­ti­val-Pro­du­cer
Vera WolffKassel/Zürich seni­or rese­arch fel­low, docu­men­ta insti­tut, kas­sel; guest pro­fes­sor uni­ver­si­tät zürich , 
Sara Morais dos San­tos BrussBer­linCura­tor
Simo­ne BrühlBer­li­ner Fine artist
Kir­ti Inger­furth Frei­burgArtist
Duscha RosenBer­linLei­te­rin Öffent­lich-keits­ar­beit Frau­en Com­pu­ter­zen­trum Ber­lin e.V.  (FCZB)
Sybil­le Neu­mey­erBer­linKünst­le­rin
Tho­mas Bau­mannDres­denCFO
Lena Fließ­bach Ber­linCura­tor
Andrea Wink­lerBer­linArtist
Tat­ja­na PreussBer­linKünst­le­rin
Danie­la Frie­belBer­linKünst­le­rin
Clau­dia Lind­nerLeip­zigIndi­vi­du­um
Ste­fan Pan­hansHam­burgArtist / Künst­ler
Dari­ja Šimu­n­o­vićDüs­sel­dorfRese­arch Asso­cia­te, Inter Media Art Insti­tu­te
Doreen Men­deBerlin/Dresden/Genevacura­tor
Timo HerbstLeip­zig Paris Bil­den­der Künst­ler 
Flo­ri­an Loh­seMün­chenDesi­gner
Pia-Ali­na Wies­nerLeip­zigKunst­in­ter­es­sier­te
Shub­han­gi Kan­sal Leip­zigStu­dent 
Jani­ne Feß­lerAde­nbüt­telHeb­am­me
Mai­ke Zim­mer­mannBer­linartist
Micha­el Bom­keLeip­zigPro­fes­sio­nal Overt­hin­ker, UX Desi­gner
Nils AndrackLeip­zig .-
Manue­la Köl­ke Ber­lin Freie Über­set­ze­rin, Autorin, Archi­tek­ten 
Johan­nes Lis­tew­nik Leip­zig Künst­ler
Axel LappMem­min­genLei­ter der MEWO Kunst­hal­le und der Muse­en im Anto­nier­haus
Ulri­ke Han­ne­mannBer­linArtist
Gabrie­le Styp­paWus­ter­markKünstlerin/ Artist 
Chris­ti­an RätschDres­denVor­sit­zen­der Künst­ler­bund Dres­den e. V.
Chris­tin Water­stratRos­tockKünst­le­rin 
Luna HaserLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Béla Jutt­nerMunichStu­dent
Yana Zschied­richLeip­zigArtist
Joa­na Sil­vaLis­bonArtist
Juli­us Her­zogHal­leartist
Joa­na Resen­deLis­bonArtist
Johan­nes UngerLeip­zigArtist
Kon­rad Han­keLeip­zig artist
Gus­tav Stol­zeHal­le (Saa­le)Artist
Clau­dy Wöck­nerLeip­zigDigi­tal Mar­ke­ting Manager*in
Uwe Wink­ler Rade­beul Künst­ler 
Nad­ja KurasHal­leKunst­stu­den­tin 
Ben­ja­min Bado­ckLeip­zigKünst­ler
Emil TorpWei­marSound Artist
Let­je Rüg­geLeip­zigKunst­his­to­ri­ke­rin
Katha­ri­na Bay­er Leip­zig Artist 
Mar­zeli­na Schwi­tal­laLeip­zigNone
Fabi­an Wid­mannLeip­zigSound­de­si­gner
Sophie Kiko­watzHal­leDesi­gne­rin
Die­go Pedraza LahozLeip­zigAnti-gas cam­pai­gner
Vin­cent KaupBer­linDesi­gner
Ste­fan Mül­lerAde­nbüt­telRent­ner
Finn SpahrBer­linDesign Stu­dent
lie­bert, katileip­zig artist/ lec­tu­rer at HGB Leip­zig 
Franz JyrchLeip­zig / Brook­lynartist
Hel­ga Franz Ber­linArtist
Yue MaoLeip­zigWis­sen­schaft­li­che Mit­ar­bei­te­rin, IfL Leip­zig
Ben­ja­min Gru­nerChem­nitzKul­tur­ma­na­ger
San­dra Ples­singLeip­zigKul­tur­ma­nage­ment — Kunst, Kul­tur, Inklu­si­on
Tabel Cars­ten Künst­ler 
Luca Bar­be­niBer­linGal­le­rist
Hans-Jörg Rozy­nekTan­ger­mün­deBild­schrift­stel­ler
Sofie HeinzWei­marStu­den­tin
Susan­ne Lüft­nerLeip­zig und SoestBil­den­de Künst­le­rin, Kunst­the­ra­peu­tin, Lei­te­rin der Kunst-Pra­xis Soest e.V.
Micha­el FranzBerlin/LeipzigKün­at­ler / Leh­ren­der HGB
Lucy KönigLeip­zigArtist / art edu­ca­tor 
Paul HertzChi­ca­goArtist
Anna Kau­ten­bur­ger Leip­zig Artist
Emil Hanau­erHalle/Leipzig/FrankfurtArtist
Phil­ipp Fritz­scheLeip­zigKünst­ler
Nico­le Schel­lerLeip­zigURBANPRIVACY
Geert LovinkAms­ter­dammedia theorist/ inter­net critic/research pro­fes­sor
Frie­del UhlLeip­zig Tisch­ler & Gestal­ter
Marc Dett­mannLeip­zigKünst­ler
Harald AlffLeip­zigArtist
Chris­toph Mey­erLeip­zigdezen­tra­le Hackspace Leip­zig (Vor­stand)
Yase­min Kesk­in­tepeBer­linCura­tor
Jen­ni­fer KönigLeip­zig Künst­le­rin
Brett Wal­lace New York Artist 
Schrey­er Jas­min Fürth Wis­sen­schaft­le­rin
Ralf Bae­cker Ber­lin Artist 
Val­eska Hage­neyBer­linArt his­to­ri­an 
Heinz Bos­sert Arem­bergCiti­zen
Rebec­ca Rei­chelBer­linCiti­zen
Felix Stal­derWienPro­fes­sor, Zurich Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts
Ben­ja­min Küh­ne Leip­zig Bür­ger
Char­lot­te BankBer­linArt his­to­ri­an and cura­tor
Andre­as Prin­zingBer­linKura­tor und Kri­ti­ker
Catrin Gro­ßeDres­denGrafiker/Plastikerin
Johan Linus Haa­gen Leip­zig Künst­ler 
Tan­ja Ostojic Ber­lin Künst­le­rin 
Astrid HomuthLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Chris­ti­ne Kip­kaLeip­zigUnter­neh­me­rin im Hand­werk
Nina FranzBer­linKul­tur- und Medi­en­wis­sen-schaft­le­rin
Pau­la Gehr­mannLeip­zig Artist
Lukas Truni­gerParis / ZürichMedia- & Sound­ar­tist
Les­lie MünzLeip­zig Kunst­his­to­ri­ke­rin
Tho­mas S.Dres­denCura­tor
Tho­mas Schmel­zer Dres­denCura­tor
Dar­nell Joh­na­onLeip­zigOpe­ra­tor in der Aus­stel­lung DIMENSIONS
Cris­ti­an Anu­toiuWienArtist
Jean BoehmLeip­zigDesi­gner
Gre­gor Kas­perBer­linArtist
Eli­sa Hoh­ei­selLeip­zig Artist 
Ahmet OgutBer­linArtist
Julia CechalStock­holmPer­for­mance artist/architecture stu­dent
Tat­ja­na Kup­ferLeip­zigSub­cul­tu­ra­list
Niko Mit­suko Ber­lin Artist 
Koch, Han­nesLon­donCo-Foun­der of art group Ran­dom Inter­na­tio­nal 
Sascha Hey­ne Leip­zigArtist
Eliza­beth RauhCai­roAssistant Pro­fes­sor of Modern Art Histo­ry
Dani­el EckertBer­linBür­ger
Chan­tal Pelt­zetLeip­zigTat­too­ar­tist
Lau­ra Wag­ner KölnWMA TH Köln
Roland Kei­melLeip­zig HR 
Kris­toff­er Gan­singKopen­ha­genPro­fes­sor, Roy­al Danish Aca­de­my of Fine Arts
Viron Erol VertBer­linBil­den­der Künst­ler
Pra­teek Shan­kar Pro­vi­dence, Rho­de Island, USALec­tu­rer, Rho­de Island School of Design 
Nick Nor­ter Leip­zig Stu­dent
Vere­na Kysel­kaBer­linKünst­le­rin
Regiert Gabrie­leBer­linKünst­le­rin
Imke Kan­ne­gies­serReut­lin­gen / Ber­linKura­to­rin
Frie­de­ri­ke Schä­fer Ber­linKunst­his­to­ri­ke­rin 
Mirae kh RHEEBer­linBil­den­de Künst­le­rin 
Ute ThonHam­burgart cri­tic, wri­ter
Ange­la Via­inLeip­zigArtist
Robert Reh­nigLeip­zig Artist
Dmy­t­ro Zubyts­kyiBer­linGWK UdK
Isa Bick­mannFrank­furt am MainKunst­his­to­ri­ke­rin 
Jakob Lim­merLeip­zigKünst­ler
Esper Post­maBer­linArtist
Sebas­ti­an Salz­brunnLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Marit SimonsAms­ter­damDirec­tor 
Hei­di Baud­richLeip­zig Künst­le­rin
May­ra Rus­soHan­no­verPhD Stu­dent
Dr. Nadim Sam­manBer­linCura­tor for the Digi­tal Sphe­re, KW Insti­tu­te for Con­tem­po­ra­ry Art.
Lena SchriebLeip­zigKünstlerin/ Desi­gne­rin
Mai­te Caja­ra­ville Madrid/Bergen Artist, cura­tor
Robert Streh­lerLeip­zig Foto­graf
Phil­ipp Hil­lerLeip­zigStu­dent
Leon Gava­nid­zeLeip­zigAut­hor
Rai­mar Stan­geBer­linKunst­pu­bli­zist
Chris­toph Neu­bertLeip­zigAnge­stell­ter Ver­lags­bran­che + DJ
Simo­ne leissKarls­ru­heSub­cul­tur 
Rakn Dani­leLeip­zig ?
SilviaY.LedezmaCali­for­nia Rich­mond Artist Pho­to­grapher 
Fabi­an Leh­nertKarls­ru­heKünst­ler, Leh­ren­der
Lau­ra UndiszLeip­zigfes­ti­val worker
Meta Muka­saLeip­zigPri­vat
Petra Unnüt­zerBonnKunst­his­to­ri­ke­rin
Avi MarLeip­zig Kunst und Geburt 
Felix Deu­felLeip­zigDirek­tor ZiMMT
Cla­ra Hof­mannLeip­zigKunst­wis­sen-
D21 Kunst­raum Leip­zig e.V.Leip­zigder Vor­stand
Evge­ni­ja Was­si­lewBer­linKunst
Chris­ti­an Nap­pertLeip­zigKünst­ler
Pau­li Lin­keLeip­zigcrea­tor
Mar­le­ne Mil­la Wosch­niLeip­zig Künst­le­rin
Cla­ra Rue­prichLeip­zigArtist
Nori Blu­meLeip­zigKünst­le­rin 
Julia Blu­meLeip­zig Wis­sen­schaft­li­che Mit­ar­bei­te­rin
David RychBer­linKünstler/ Pro­fes­sor
Mar­kus Wag­nerBer­linSzen­o­gra­phie
Manu­el Bre­erLeip­zigArtist
Mar­tin FischerPerch­tolds­dorfkünst­le­ri­scher Foto­graf
Her­mann J. F. König42897 Rem­scheidSozi­al­ma­na­ger
Manue­la Kup­ferMar­burgRedak­teu­rin
Roman Fleisch­mannVien­naArtist / Musi­ci­an
Juli­an Baas­keLeip­zigCiti­zen
Roland Krü­gerLeip­zigSoft­ware deve­lo­per
Syl­vie Hal­bachLeip­zig Ein­woh­ne­rin
Maxi­mi­li­an Hoff­mannNew YorkWis­sen­schaft­ler
Mar­gaux Weiß Ham­burgArtist
Vero­ni­ka UhlLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Axel Breck­woldtAugs­burgKom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons-Desi­gner
Lea Peter­mannLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Lisa Musi­alLeip­zig Privat/Künstler*in
Wib­ke RahnLeip­zigArtist
Rei­ne­cke Cle­mensLeip­zigartist, desi­gner
Ani­ca KehrLeip­zig Kul­tur­ma­na­ge­rin 
Dirk Schwie­gerBer­linComic artist
Jonas Matau­schekLeip­zigFil­mi­sche Ini­ti­ta­ti­ve Leip­zig (FILZ) Vor­stand
Micha­el BetancourtSav­an­nah, GA.USArese­arch artist snd cri­ti­cal theo­rist
Jan­ne­ke Schö­nen­bachUnbe­sand­tenGra­fi­ke­rin / Künst­le­rin
Tors­ten Phil­ippLeip­zigMusi­ker
Kurt WALTERSt. Ing­bert / Saar­landPoli­zei­be­am­ter im Ruhe­stand
Oli­ver Ritt­ha­ler Leip­zigArt Vic­tim
Katie VidaBer­lin Künst­le­rin
San­ja Lie­ber­mann Leip­zigCiti­zen
Kerns-Röb­bert, Mari­onHem­min­genKünst­le­rin
MitraMunich /BerlinPro­fes­sor at Hoch­schu­le für Gra­fik und Buch­kunst Leip­zig 
Ange­la Ander­son Ber­lin artist
Maik Brum­mundtBer­linGra­fi­ker Illus­tra­tor Künst­ler
Jörg Hen­schel Leip­zig Mensch 
Hein-Gode­hart Pet­schulat Leip­zigAlum­ni 
Inka PerlLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Ben­ja­min Hohl­feldLeip­zig Musi­ker
Jan Mam­meyLeip­zigPhotographer/ DoP
Bir­git LutzDie­ßenDipl.Päd.
Maxim M. Chub­a­rov Kras­za­vin LEIPZIGKünst­ler / Kura­tor (Kol­lek­tiv WERT) 
Sascha J. Bach­mannBer­linArtist 
Bar­ba­ra LutzBer­linCul­tu­ral Sci­en­tist & Art Media­tor
Tho­mas Rich­terBer­linTech­ni­cal Direc­tor 
Niki Mati­taBer­linArtist/ Radio Acti­vist
Pia SchöttlNürn­berg Kunst­Raum Neo­Gol­den 
Eve­lyn Kut­tigLüne­burgGra­fik­de­si­gne­rin
Grit Ruh­landLeipzig/PaitzdorfArtist
Marie Lech­nerPariscura­tor
Anna Vovan Leip­zigArtist
Johan­nes HeinLeip­zigkei­ne
Olsen WolfSt.Georgen im Schwarz­waldKünst­ler
Fabi­an Rie­sin­gerFlo­renzWis­sen­schaft­ler
Jer­nej Gre­go­ricber­linArt Pro­du­cer
Mar­co GeueLeip­zigWeb­de­si­gner
Ani­ta Frei-Krä­merKehlBild. Künst­le­rin , Dipl.-Designerin
Clau­dia Saar Dort­mundKul­tur­ma­na­ge­rin 
Susan­ne VoigtLeip­zigKom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons-wis­sen­schaft­le­rin
Mich­al Banas­ikBer­linKünst­ler
Lenn­art Jans­senDres­denStu­dent
Adria­ne Miha­likLeip­zig K
Robert Hell­wigDres­denDesi­gner
Sofia Gerst­la­cherDres­denStu­dent
Laris­sa Kun­ertBer­linRedak­teu­rin
Bob­by Chi­me­raLeipzig/StrassbourgLicht­spe­zia­list
Ulri­ke Gabri­elBer­linartist
Anja RothBer­linArtist
Johan­nes Pla­tePer­les­reutFoto­graf
Bert­ram Pla­teLeip­zig Bür­ger 
Spji­nek BlechBisch­kekKünst­ler
Seve­rin Göbel-GroßDres­denStu­dent
Lil­ly Gün­ther Dres­denStu­den­tin
Bir­te Son­nen­bergBer­linPro­gramm­er
Man­dy GehrtLeip­zigKünst­le­rin / Stadt­rä­tin
Ben­ja­min Ren­terBer­linFoto­graf
Shi BlankBrad­fordArtist
Janosch Rei­chard Leip­zigBar Owner
Mir­ko FahrLeip­zigKom­mu­ni­ka­ti­on
Jus­tus JagerLeip­zig Artist 
Ellen Ste­ger Leip­zig Artist
Micha­el Schla­bes Leip­zig Orches­ter­mu­si­ker 
Maya Schwei­zer Ber­linKünst­le­rin
Uve Brück­nerLeip­zigKünst­ler, Krä­mer
Ali­sa Kos­sakLeip­zigKünst­le­rin
Edu­ard Pickergrazartist
Sebas­ti­an Wen­delHam­burg (gebo­ren in Leip­zig)Mem­ber of Curious Com­mu­ni­ty Labs e.V.
Anna-lena KronHal­leKunst­stu­den­tin
Tho­mas Kön­ningBie­le­feldBür­ger
Juli­an PešekLeip­zigCrea­ti­ve Direc­tor, Musi­ker
Rai­ner Wink­lerAlt­schau­er­bergTik­to­ker
Paul Fer­ra­gut Vel­bert Artist 
Ralf WendtHal­leArtist
Joseph JaouenParisMul­ti­me­dia artist
Lara SpätLeip­zigStu­den­tin
Anton Kor­neevleip­zigartist
Hans Jacob Leip­zigAsisstenz­kraft
Micha­el ArztLeip­zigcura­tor, direc­tor of HALLE 14 art cent­re
Franz AlkenLeip­zigDesi­gner
RenéHal­le (Saa­le)ehem. Vor­sit­zen­der BBK Sach­sen-Anhalt, Künst­ler
Julia Wer­nerLeip­zig Artist
Tif­fa­ny Fuku­maLund, Swe­denMana­ging Direc­tor Trans Euro­pe Hal­les
Harald Schle­gelBer­linCEO
Vere­na Fried­richKölnKünst­le­rin
Mar­kus ApelMün­chen / Leip­zigAkti­vist und Refe­rent
Alexis Krü­ger Leip­zig Künst­ler, Dozent
Chris­ti­na Bau­mann Leip­zigKünst­le­rin 
Horst VogtLeip­zigPsy­cho­lo­gist
Julia BachLeip­zig Con­cer­ned Citi­zen
Chris­toph Wink­lerLeip­zigArtist
Lou­is AuvrayLeip­zigStu­dent Geis­tes­wis­sen­schaf­ten
Robert Boehm Leip­zig Medi­en­wis­sen­schaft­ler
Mar­tin Buhl­igDres­denKura­tor
Mika Taji­maNew York Cityartist
Ina Wei­seDresden/WeimarKünst­le­rin / Leh­ren­de
Kalin­ka Gie­se­ler Ber­lin Artist
Max Wile­schekLeip­zigwiss. Mit­ar­bei­ter
Casey ReasLos Ange­lesArtist
Mar­kus StumpfBer­linDesi­gner
Zane Zle­mešaBer­linArtist
Leo­no­re Schrö­derLeip­zigStu­dent
Maik Geb­hardtLeip­zig .
Simon Schä­fer Leip­zig Künst­ler
Juni DerichsBer­linKünst­ler
Andre­as HorskyLeip­zig.
Mari­an Rei­nigHal­leGra­fik Desi­gner
Timm Höl­lerHal­leKünst­ler 
πxl micha­el­brei­ten­bachleip­zigkünstler_in
Dirk Kunt­zeLeip­zigVor­stands­mit­glied eines Kul­tur­ver­eins, Klang­künst­ler, DJ
Raj­ko AustDres­denart lover
Hanf­garn MoritzWei­marKünst­ler
Lisa Fraszew­ski Leip­zigPR-Mana­ge­rin
Albrecht JugelLeip­zigWis­sen­schaft­ler
Cla­ra Pötsch Leip­zig Artist 
Lisa GötelLeip­zigStu­die­ren­de
Julia­ne Hör­schelm­annLeip­zigAnge­stellt & Frei­be­ruf­lich in Bil­dung und Bera­tung 
Els­ke Beck­mannLeip­zigKul­tur­schaf­fen­de
Ale­na RaabLeip­zigfrei­be­ruf­li­che Künst­le­rin
Ali­ce Dzie­win­skiBerlin/ Warszawa/ Leip­zigMedienkünstler:in, Kulturwissenschaftler:in
Edith KollathBer­linArtist
Sil­via Pian­ti­niBer­lindesi­gner and artist
Pas­cal Schif­fersLeip­zigKünst­ler / Web­ent­wick­ler
Pia VolkLeip­zigAutorin
Mat­thi­as QuentJenaBrand­maue­rer, Kolo­ni­al­ver­wal­ter
Ste­fa­nie Schroe­der Leip­zig Künst­le­rin
Mark Werns­dor­fer Leip­zig.
Yve TrentzschLeip­zig Päd­ago­gin

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